Ranzuki January 2013

♥ These bows are from lovely Hana
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Grocery shopping with Noel <3. I like when he lets me sit in the cart and pushes me :3 



haha who keeps hitting me up from drammen? I don’t know anyone up there but don’t be shy! Send me an ask fy faen :P

honeykittens replied to your post: Im loving silver hair

How did you get your hair to be silver after it being green? Did you have to bleach it again?

I used L’Oreal Color Zap which removes artificial color. It got most of the green out, but there was a lingering tint, so instead of full on bleaching, I did a bleach wash which is more gentle

Im loving silver hair


Pastel nails, soon to be blinged! (づ。◠‿◠。)*:・゚✧