Omggg ;~; thats so romantic being ldr then getting married and finally getting to be together. i hope i have such a strong relationship one day. you two were made for each other!

Dont worry! Youll find your other half :) You might have to save them from a nasty ogre though ahahah (its an inside joke we have)

Awwww!! Thats long! Whats your love story? Do you plan on kids?

Yea, it’s been the longest relationship either of us have ever had by years :)

Our love story is that we were both getting out of relationships with horrible people and we began to talk to each other about our problems with these people. We first began to confide in each other all the crazy bs that was happening with them, then we found ourselves talking for long hours about anything and everything. He made me laugh so much. Then we were texting. Sending pics. Video chatting. Finally, in May of 2010 I went to meet him. I stayed over his place, and we uh ended up really sealing the deal ahahaha.

I moved in with him for a while. But I was still living in the States at the time, so it was really hard at first when I had to go home. After some back and forth trips, and a lot of hard work and love, we got engaged, and soon after married (August 1, 2011)!

Now we’re just doing our thing while I finish my degree and then perhaps we can start thinking about kids :) 

You and your husband are so cute :3 How long have you been together?

Thank you! We have been together for almost 4.5 years now and been married for 3 :) 

shoutout to the friends who ask me about my fall semester schedule and actually plan times to meet up during breaks. 


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